Come experience the joy!

BlackHills Family Camp is for people of all ages. We offer a wide variety of service and activities.

For the children, there are morning devotions, Vacation Bible School, Sunday school classes, afternoon activities and after service activities. 

Teens going into 6th grade through graduated seniors enjoy an in-depth morning Bible Study, morning and evening activities, and plenty of other happenings. 

Adults can enjoy an early morning time of devotionals and praying, morning worship, and quite often there will be pickup games of volleyball and basketball between the adults in the afternoon. 

Everyone comes together in the evening to fellowship and worship at an evening service beginning at 7pm.  After the worship, children ages 4-9 are welcome to attend children’s church, where they can be picked up by their parents after the evening message.

Something is always happening at BlackHills Camp, whether it is playing a game of ricochet around the ping pong table, chatting with friends on the store porch, watching the teens and children playing games, eating one of the many fine meals served in the dining hall, attending a bonfire, or laughing at one of the many skits put on during skit night. We welcome you to join us. Please remember campers under the age of 18 must have a supervising adult present


Complete and send in a Registration From or contact us today to arrange your lodging for Family Camp. Rooms are available for all of camp, weekends, or single-night stays!

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