Expanded Camp Council

If you are a Non-Free Methodist supporter of Black Hills Camp and would like to be considered for one of these two positions on Camp Council, please notify Mike Shahan or Stephanie Henderson by November 22, 2019. Camp Council will consider the candidates and elect two members.


  • To expand membership of Camp Council:
    • To give representation to Non-Free Methodist people who actively support and participate in BlackHills camp by allowing the Camp Council to elect 2 additional members who are not members of a WV FM church.

Qualifications of new Camp Council members:

    • For NON-Free Methodist members
      • Must have a history of supporting BlackHills camp (support may be financial, volunteer or camp participation)
    • All new members must agree to the following:
      • To strive to attend all Camp Council meetings (we may need to setup on-line meetings to accommodate a wide geographic area)
      • To accept assignment to at least one Camp Council sub-committee (Finance, Children’s Camp, Youth Camp, Family Camp, Food Operations, Development, Fund Raising, Trustees/Maintenance, Special Events, Marketing & Communications)
      • To promote BlackHills camps


  • Camp Council shall consider and elect, by majority vote, 2 at-large members who are not members of a local WV FM church.
    • Election of at-large members shall be to a 2-year term.
    • At-large members shall have full voting rights on the Camp Council.
    • Camp Council shall assign all at-large members to a sub-committee.
    • At-large members shall be required to acknowledge the acceptance of expectations/qualifications of at large members.
    • If a newly elected CC member is from a local FM church who currently has an at-large member, that at-large member will continue to serve until the end of their 2-year term.

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