Pray for BlackHills Church Camp


Prayer is the most important aspect of seeing our camp succeed. The Lord has blessed our camp through the ages. Many saints have had a burden for our camps and its associated churches. We ask that YOU would join us in praying for the camp, its workers, the churches that support our camps, and all of the people that set foot on the campgrounds. We pray that God would do a work in the lives of those that come to our camps!

Volunteer at BlackHills Church Camp


It takes lots of work from many hands to make each of our camps happen. BlackHills Camp does not have any full-time employees, so we rely on the help of volunteers. Part of making camp possible is the necessary upkeep of the grounds and facilities. Each spring and fall, BlackHills Camp holds organized work days. If you would like to help at one of these work days or would like to help with a project on your own, contact our Property & Maintenance chairperson, Rich McBee, or Contact Us for more details. There are plenty of tasks for workers of all skill levels.

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In the past few years, we have redone the dining hall and kitchen, added new showers and stalls in the bathrooms, replaced the tabernacle roof, removed older buildings and done many other projects of all shapes and sizes. This was just an initial phase in the revitalization of the camp. Camp Council and Camp Trustees authorized moving forward with several projects at camp in the coming year. The total cost will be roughly $30,000 and will consume most of the funds saved for special projects.

Our main projects planned for 2015 include:

  • Dining Hall/Dorms - Roof removed and replaced with a higher metal roof
  • Kitchen - New Metal Roof
  • Dorms - New interior configuration
  • Dorms - Interior Remodeling
  • Dorms - Addition of new furniture
  • Dining Hall/Dorms - New Front Porch
  • Tabernacle - Painting the outside

We need your support to help see these projects through to completion. If the Lord directs you to give to camp, you can make checks payable to: